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Under the age of 30, the odds of being admitted to the hospital are slight.  After spending a week at Good Sam, I can honestly say without a doubt that I received the best and most genuine care.  

I’d previously been to the ER at Good Sam but this time around I was brought into triage and put in a room within minutes.  The nurses who I interacted with while in that room were so cheerful and humorous, which aided in me remaining so calm.  Maybe it was my lucky day but there were a TON of really cute guys working. Holler!

Once admitted and up on the 3rd floor, I went through a slew of nurses and RN assistants, who changed shift every 12 hours.  The first night I had some Asian lady that I simply couldn’t understand – but every shift after that was great.  There were two RN’s who really stood out: RHONDA and JOSEPHINE. If I could pass out gold stars… these two ladies would definitely be bearing them.  They had great personalities, knowledge and took an interest in my health/well-being. 

I switched rooms a few times, yet whomever was in charge of reporting this to, we’ll call it the “system”, did so lickity-split – because a friend who arrived moments later was told exactly what room I was from the desk downstairs. 

The occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech therapist, stroke coordinator (Tony was fantastic) and dietitian were all great. My cardiologist, Dr. Lee stopped by my room daily to report news and check in on me.  The neurologists were also good at explaining things to me and answering questions.  Dr. Jack H actually sat down and answered a long list of questions I had formulated and written down. The attention to detail and care was remarkable.  

We’ve all heard horror stories about hospital food.  I’m pleased to report that I, dare I say it, enjoyed a lot of the food that came up.  In fact, the chicken noodle soup (minus the creepy thick noodles) was the 2nd best I’ve ever had. Seriously.  I thought it had to be a fluke, or I was just hungry… so I ordered it a few more times. Nope, it was pretty damn good.  I also found myself ordering, yes ordering, off the kids menu: Peanut butter & jam sandwiches, chicken nuggets… Sure, I had a lot of friends bringing me outside food (thank you!) but when I did eat from the room service selections, it was impressive.  

Food tip: If you skip out on calling room service #3663 for breakfast and lunch.. expect a HUGE tray of food to be delivered to you anyway.  They want to make sure you are eating (even if you’ve had food brought in).  So, if you are lucky enough to be able to eat outside food, CALL room service and tell them you’re not going to need anything. 

I ended up with a tray twice (of way more than I could eat) because I didn’t know and then forgot the second time.  

All in all, my week long stay, which could have easily been a nightmare, was a pleasure.

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