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Our 4 year old had outpatient surgery at Good Sam this week (adenoids, tubes, and a lump on her neck that turned out to be a pylomyxoma which was a tumor of a sweat gland). We had a really good experience. We had to check in at 7:00 and then only waited about 15 minutes in the waiting room until they brought us back to pre-op. Our pre-op nurse was Jennifer and she was great. They had a coloring book about getting an operation (although we had already covered all this at home I thought it was nice they gave her something to keep busy and reassure her that what was going to happen was what we had discussed). They brought plenty of blankets for her to keep warm, and reassured her several times that they would take care of her babydoll that she had brought along. They took a picture of us and put it on her chart, and then gave it to us to take home. While we sat in the waiting room, a woman from the auxiliary came to meet us and she came over twice to update us on what was happening. A chaplain also visited with us. After surgery when we went back to see her in recovery, she reached out for me and latched on for dear life. After about 5 minutes this became rather uncomfortable as I was leaning over the rails of the bed. So her nurse Mark got us a recliner and let me sit in it with her in my lap while he monitored her recovery. I know that made her feel so much better. Mark offered to take care of calling over to the doctor’s office to cancel a follow-up appointment we no longer needed and scheduled her suture removal for us. I thought that was really nice of him to do that for me, one less thing I needed to worry about. Everyone was friendly, it was very clean, and we felt it was a very personalized experience. Yesterday my daughter received a card from the surgical services team signed by the pre-op department, her OR nurse Amanda, and Mark. It was a nice personal touch. So thankful for quality medical care nearby! (By the way, we also had prior excellent experiences when I had outpatient surgery here 2 years ago and when our daughter came in to get stitches after she lost a battle with the coffee table – in and out in three hours!).


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