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On a random Wednesday evening, a couple months back, my stomach burst into agonizing pain. I’m doubled over on the ground trying to relieve the stabbing sensation, while my mother calls my primary physician to see if she should call an ambulance. I’ve had similar instances with this exact pain for years. Since I was about 10 I think. And a few days earlier I had gone to the doctor to see if they could figure out what it was that’s been told numerous amounts of things from from having acid indigestion to IBS. I never really believed these doctors because every time they would prescribe me something, the meds never worked. So in this case, my doctor told my mother that I didn’t need to call for an ambulance but that I should go to urgent care anyways.

After getting there I didn’t have to wait long. we were escorted to the back, by very friendly nurses, and they gave me tons of meds to subdue the pain. I seriously thought I was floating on a cloud after that. The nurses ran a couple of test and came back to tell me, that what was causing the pain was gallstones. And that they were moving around in my intestines ¬†towards my liver and that was why I had feeling I had. This in turn caused me to stay in the hospital for about week, so I could have surgery.

The whole time I was there, the nurses were very accommodating and friendly. even after I had woken up after one of my surgeries screaming, because I had no clue where I was. Good Sam was definitely the best hospital I’ve been to thus far.

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