• How many lives could you save as an organ donor?

    Giving the gift of life is a priceless way to serve others. When an organ donor dies, his or her organs could be used to save the lives of eight other people and enhance the lives of over 100 people. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough organ donors on the donor registry, and most organ donors do not die in a manner that allows for organ donation. The need is critical and ongoing. This April is National Donate Life Month. The emergency care team at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose encourages our neighbors to consider joining the organ donor registry.

    Facts about organ donation

    Since 1988, surgeons have performed more than 650,000 organ transplants in the U.S. alone. This highly specialized type of surgery does more than save lives. It gives hope to the families of patients who face deadly diseases. There is a critical need for more people to sign up as organ donors. Here are the basic statistics, according to the American Transplant Foundation :

    • About 120,000 people are waiting for organs.
    • Another person joins the waiting list every 10 minutes.
    • Every day, 22 people die while waiting for organs.

    Reasons to become an organ donor

    Registered organ donors usually sign up because they feel it’s important to serve others. Some people join after a loved one is diagnosed with an organ disease. If you’re not quite sure if you should become an organ donor, consider talking to your doctor about this issue. You’ll learn that organ donors receive the same medical attention as non-donors in emergency situations. There are only a few medical conditions that can disqualify you from donating. In many cases, even if one or two organs are unsuitable for transplant, other organs could still save lives.

    Organs that can be transplanted

    Many organs and tissues can be successfully transplanted into an at-need patient. After death, you may be able to save others with the following organs:

    • Heart
    • Lungs
    • Liver
    • Pancreas
    • Kidneys
    • Intestines

    Tissues that can be transplanted

    Hundreds of thousands of lives are improved every year thanks to tissue donors. Burn victims can receive skin grafts, cancer patients can receive bone material and heart disease patients can receive donated heart valves. Corneas, connective tissue and veins can also be donated.

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