• Why is cycling such a good workout for bone and joint health?

    Staying physically active is crucial for bone and joint health. Bicycling is a good choice for many people because it’s fun and invigorating. However, if you’ve already been diagnosed with a bone or joint condition, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor about your workout plans. A doctor at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose can help you design an effective and safe exercise program .

    Bicycling is not a weight-bearing exercise

    Weight-bearing exercises are the gold standard for building bone density. These exercises include jogging, stair climbing and dancing.

    However, one major downside of weight-bearing exercises is the stress they place on the joints. For people who have bone and joint health problems, such as arthritis, weight-bearing exercises might not be advisable.

    This is one reason why bicycling is a great workout . Since it isn’t a weight-bearing workout, cycling can allow orthopedic patients to get active.

    Bicycling can help maintain a trim waistline

    Hopping on a bike and putting some miles behind you is a fun and satisfying way to burn calories. Staying within a healthy weight range is particularly important for patients with joint problems like arthritis. This is because every extra pound places additional weight on the joints, which can increase joint pain.

    Bicycling strengthens the muscles that support the joints

    Bicycling is an effective way to strengthen the muscles throughout the body, including those that support the joints. The stronger these muscles are, the better they are able to stabilize the joints.

    Bicycling supports strong bone mass

    Exercise is essential for maintaining dense bone mass and reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Although bicycling is not a weight-bearing exercise, it is thought that it can still help support bone density because pushing the pedals is a form of resistance exercise.

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