How can parents help stop bullying?

Bullying is an issue that most parents have to face with their kids at some point. Whether your child is the one being bullied or is doing the bullying, it is important for parents to take a proactive role in addressing and correcting the behavior when they see it. Getting a healthcare provider involved can be helpful in addressing bullying with your kids. These steps can also help parents put an end to bullying.

Correct aggressive behavior when you see it
It is normal for young children to be aggressive in dealing with other. They are still learning how to interact socially, and being too aggressive is one mistake that kids frequently make at this stage.

Although it’s normal for kids to be aggressive sometimes when they are young, parents must step in and address the behavior when it occurs. If you don’t let your child know that their aggressive behavior is not ok and instead encourage them to show kindness and compassion, they will likely continue to be aggressive and may end up bullying other children.

Demonstrate kindness with your own behavior
Children look to their parents to see what kind of behavior is normal, so maintain an atmosphere of kindness and compassion in your home and with the people you encounter outside of the home.

If children see you treating other people with respect, they will be more likely to do so themselves. Similarly, they will also recognize what kind of behavior is not acceptable, so that they will be more likely to speak up of they are the victims of bullying.

Talk about bullying
One of the most helpful things that parents can do is talk about bullying with their kids. Hearing you talk about it will let your kids know that you’re open to hearing about their experiences and are here to help. It also lets them know your expectations for their behavior and that you won’t tolerate them engaging in bullying.

If you’re concerned about how bullying is affecting your child, make an appointment with a physician at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose. Contact us today at (888) 724-2362 for more information about our hospital or for a referral to one of our physicians.

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