Staying prepared to bring your child to the ER

No parent relishes the idea of getting emergency care for their child , but being prepared for ER visits can help to take some of the stress out of the event. The last thing you want to do in the midst of a medical emergency is search for things you need to take to the hospital. Follow these tips for preparedness so that you will be ready to react quickly should your child need emergency care.

Know where to find a pediatric ER
Although you will want to take your child to the closet ER in a medical emergency, taking them to a pediatric ER can be beneficial for their care, if there is time. Knowing where the pediatric ERs are in your area will mean you won’t have to search for one if an emergency occurs. Some of the advantages of pediatric ERs include:

  • Physicians and nurses who are trained in pediatric health issues
  • Healthcare team members who are used to dealing with young patients
  • Child-sized equipment that make exams more comfortable

Maintain a list of medications
Keep an updated list of your child’s medications on hand. The list should include the name of each medication, when he or she began taking it, and what dosage he or she takes. Having this list ready will reduce the amount of time the ER team has to spend finding out your child’s medical history.

Many parents find it helpful to keep this list in their phones. Ideally, keep one of these lists for each member of your family so that you are prepared whenever anyone needs emergency care.

Provide treatment at home
It is acceptable to give your child over-the-counter medication at home before you go to the ER. Doing so could make the process of diagnosing and treating your child easier in the emergency room.

Be sure to note the time and dosage you give your child, so that you can give the ER team accurate information.

At Good Samaritan Hospital, we have a dedicated ER just for kids who need emergency care in San Jose, including a NICU and PICU for kids who need to be admitted for complex conditions. To get answers to your questions about our pediatric hospital services, please dial (888) 724-2362.

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