Better Outcomes: The Most Cutting Edge Breast Cancer Treatments

Breast cancer treatment is constantly evolving, giving women ever-increasing chances to beat the disease and live long, healthy lives. If you or someone you love is diagnosed with breast cancer, there are a number of cutting-edge therapies that could become part of an effective treatment plan. Read on to take a look at some recent improvements in breast cancer treatments.

Targeted therapy drugs
Targeted therapy involves the use of medications that act against specific changes that that occur in cancer cells, which help them to grow and spread throughout the body. For breast cancer, a type of targeted therapy using PARP inhibitors has shown promise.

PARP inhibitors are best at treating breast cancer cases that are positive for BCRA mutations. Through genetic testing, your doctor will determine if you have BCRA-positive breast cancer and if treatment with PARP inhibitors could help stop the growth of your cancer and prevent it from spreading. So far, the PARP inhibitors that have shown the most promise for breast cancer treatment are olaparib and veliparib.

Oncoplastic surgery
For many women, a traumatic part of breast cancer treatment is surgery that either changes the appearance of the breast or removes the breast entirely. Even cancers that are caught in their early stages and can be treated with a lumpectomy rather than a mastectomy can leave women with breasts that are no longer the same size or shape.

Oncoplastic surgery can make surgical treatment more positive for patients. With this kind of surgery, the breast is reconstructed as part of the same procedure as the tumor removal surgery. From moderate reshaping to full breast reconstruction involving implants, women now no longer have to wait to undergo a future surgery to restore the appearance of their breasts.

Chemotherapy supportive care
Chemotherapy is part of most breast cancer treatment programs, and it is the only medical treatment available for triple negative breast cancers. Although chemotherapy can provide powerful cancer treatment, it also comes with serious side effects.

Fortunately, new supportive therapies for chemotherapy for breast cancer patients are being studied and showing promising effects. These therapies can reduce the memory loss that can occur after chemotherapy and protect the heart from chemotherapy-related damage.

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