Why you should not delay your child’s vaccines

Vaccine delays and vaccine avoidance are issues that researchers have been carefully evaluating in recent years, as they are linked to multiple outbreaks of serious diseases in the U.S. It might seem harmless to delay your child’s vaccines , but researchers have consistently found that there is no benefit to doing so—and many reasons not to. Good Samaritan Hospital is renowned for our uncompromising maternity and children’s services. Our doctors welcome your questions about your child’s vaccine schedule.

Vaccine misinformation
Basing healthcare decisions on misinformation can be costly, especially when it concerns a child’s health. Unfortunately, there is plenty of inaccurate and needlessly frightening information available online about the safety of vaccines. One of the most prominent misconceptions is the theory that vaccines cause autism—which is simply untrue.

Vaccines are exhaustively researched, carefully formulated and tested before they are ever allowed to be used in humans. Don’t let misinformation dissuade you from giving your kids the shots that can protect them from deadly diseases. Talk to a pediatrician about your concerns first.

Vaccine-preventable diseases
As the number of parents who decide not to vaccinate their kids increases, outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles also go on an upward trend. Measles, mumps, chickenpox and whooping cough are all preventable diseases that have been making a comeback in the U.S.

It’s often thought that if a disease isn’t frequently seen in the U.S., kids don’t need to be vaccinated for it. But diseases don’t respect geographical boundaries, and it only takes one infected person to cause a major outbreak.

Vaccine delay risks
The serious nature of vaccine-preventable diseases should be sufficient to convince parents that all kids need their shots. However, researchers have identified another reason to be wary of delaying: The risk of febrile seizures. Fever-induced seizures are more common in children who receive vaccines past their recommended ages.

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