EMS and ER Staff: Partners in Emergency Care

The relationship between the emergency medical services, or EMS team and the ER medical staff is an essential part of emergency care. By working together, the EMS and ER staffs can provide faster and more efficient care and improve patient outcomes. Here is a closer look at this special working relationship.

EMS: First Responders
The EMS staff are the first responders on the scene of any emergency. They can evaluate the medical needs of the people on the scene and determine if they can be treated onsite or need to receive emergency care in the ER. This means the EMS team may come to someone’s house who has dialed 911 for an ambulance because of heart attack symptoms or they may arrive at a multi-vehicle accident with several injured people who need to be evaluated and treated. In each instance, the EMS team has protocols that they follow to decide what kind of care each person needs and to provide them with life-saving treatment immediately while they transfer patients to the ER. Through the process of providing care on the scene and making hospital transfers, the EMS team may be in contact with both their own medical supervisor and the ER staff, in order to alert the hospital about the needs of the patients they are bringing in.

ER: Life-Saving Emergency Care
As Dr. David Feldman of Good Samaritan Hospital’s ER explains in this video , the ER staff frequently consult with the EMS team when they are en route to the hospital to find out about the critical needs of the incoming patients. These communications allow the ER team to prepare for a patient before he or she arrives, saving precious minutes when a patient needs emergency care for a heart attack, stroke, or other crisis. The ER staff can also offer recommendations for care to the EMS team as needed to further improve the treatment outcomes for patients.

Good Samaritan Hospital is dedicated to providing high-quality emergency care in San Jose by using all of the resources available to us, from our comprehensive hospital services to the skills of our dedicated local EMS providers. You can find out more about our hospital’s commitment to care by calling (888) 724-2362.

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