Why Are Falls More Common in the Holidays?

For ER doctors, the holidays are synonymous with fall injuries. During the season, the risk of falling increases for a number of different reasons, which means more people need emergency care for falls during the holidays than at any other time of the year. Here is a look at why falls are so common during the holidays, and steps you can take to prevent them.

Decorating Dangers
Decorating is a major contributor to the increase in falls during the holiday season. Whether it is taking risks by climbing up an unstable ladder or combining spiked eggnog with decorating activities, creating a festive environment could leave you in need of emergency care. You can protect yourself by using your ladder on a flat, stable surface and staying off the top two rungs. Always have someone nearby when you’re on a ladder in case you need help. Wait until the decorating is done to toast your efforts instead of drinking while decorating.

Rearranged Furniture
Many people rearrange furniture during the holidays to make room for decorations, and the new layout could increase the risk of falls. It is easy to fall over items that have been placed in what was once a clear pathway. If you move furniture, make sure everyone in your home is aware of the changes you’ve made, and take care when you’re navigating the space.

Cluttered Spaces
Clutter is common during the holidays, as decorations, wrapping supplies, and luggage crowd walkways in your home. Be mindful of the fall risks that clutter creates, and keep the floor as clear as possible. Make sure there are clear paths throughout the home for your family. Even a small bag or gift box can lead to a fall that causes injuries and a trip to the ER.

If you or your loved one falls victim to a holiday fall, get the help you need at Good Samaritan Hospital. From emergency care in our ER to orthopedic inpatient and outpatient care , we can get you back to your holiday festivities fast. Contact our hospital in San Jose at (888) 724-2362 to learn more.

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