Exploring Life as a Cancer Survivor

When people are diagnosed with cancer, they are frequently so focused on fighting the disease that they forget to prepare for recovery. What do you do when the hospital visits, treatments, and emergency care are over? In honor of National Cancer Survivor’s Day on June 5 th , take a look at what life is like after cancer. If you or someone you love is fighting this disease, this information will help you prepare for the next step.

Emotional changes are common.

Fighting cancer is an emotional rollercoaster, and many people find that there is an emotional side to surviving cancer as well. Mixed emotional are common. For instance, when you’re fighting cancer, a team of supportive friends and family members often surrounds you, but when you are cancer-free, you may see less of these people because you no longer need as much help. Some cancer survivors have an initial feeling of loneliness for this reason. It is also common to have anxiety about the cancer returning or about lingering side effects of treatment, such as fertility problems or edema. Support groups are available to help survivors cope with these feelings.

You will still see your cancer team.

Survivors aren’t done seeing their care teams when they are cancer free. They return for checkups to help manage any treatment side effects that remain and to monitor potential signs of cancer recurrence . Cancer recurrence is a concern most patients have, and unfortunately it is difficult to predict when it will happen. Some cancers have a higher rate of recurrence than others, so your care team will help you understand your risk.

A healthy and happy lifestyle is within reach.

Most cancer survivors live happy and healthy lives and are only stronger from their experiences. By maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, and getting care when you need it, you can cut your chances of future bouts of cancer and enjoy a fulfilling and active life.

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