What Is the Benefit of Clinical Trials in Cancer Care?

After a diagnosis of cancer, patients often find that they have an overwhelming amount of information to sort through. They may wish to learn more about their specific type of cancer, whether surgery is a good choice, and what they might expect from chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The importance of clinical trials should not be overlooked, however. Clinical trials are research studies conducted at hospitals, including Good Samaritan Hospital .

Gaining Access to New Treatments

One common reason why some patients may hesitate to explore the clinical trials available at their local hospital is the perception that these studies are reserved for people with advanced cancer or cancer that does not respond to any other treatment. But in fact, participants with every stage of cancer are needed. Since clinical trials test new treatments that are not yet available, participating in these studies provides a way for patients to gain access to therapies that may help them.

Being Closely Monitored

Cancer patients visit their local hospitals frequently for tests and treatments, and they are all carefully monitored. However, participating in a clinical trial could mean that the patients are monitored even more closely because the researchers need to keep track of the effects of the treatment.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of New Treatments

Many cancer patients decide to participate in clinical trials at a community hospital because they wish to help others with cancer by furthering research initiatives. Clinical trials are the last stage in determining whether a new cancer treatment will be approved for use. Clinical trials not only evaluate the effectiveness and safety of medications for cancer treatment; they also evaluate new ways of diagnosing cancer, preventing cancer, and managing the side effects of cancer treatment.

Good Samaritan Hospital of San Jose is a leading test hospital, participating in many clinical trials that may not be available elsewhere in the Bay area. At our hospital, you’ll find compassionate cancer support services and sophisticated treatment options to help you fight back against cancer. For more information about these and other healthcare services, call (408) 819-0558 or visit our hospital on the Web.

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