Overcoming the Challenges that Come with Quitting Smoking

No Smoking

Smoking inflicts damage on almost every organ in the body. It compromises oral health, facial appearance, reproductive health, and of course, lung function. Despite the well-known dangers of smoking, it’s a difficult habit to eliminate because nicotine is so highly addictive. Good Samaritan Hospital would like to let San Jose residents know that we fully support smoking cessation efforts by providing treatment options and group programs.

Talk to Your Doctor about Treatment Options

A doctor at your local hospital can help you decide on a smoking cessation treatment option that suits your needs. Varenicline is a medication that helps reduce cigarette cravings and manage nicotine withdrawal. If you do start smoking again, varenicline interferes with the effects of nicotine to help you get back on track. Bupropion is another quit smoking medication that can be used with nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products. NRT products include nicotine gum, patches, and lozenges, which are available without a prescription. These products work by providing gradually declining levels of nicotine.

Take Advantage of Programs at Your Local Hospital

Another way your physician can help is by connecting you with resources such as educational classes and support groups. These types of programs can introduce you to strategies to overcome your cravings and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Discuss Your Goals with Your Loved Ones

When you’re ready to quit, discuss your plans with your family and close friends. Let them know how they can help you succeed, such as by maintaining a smoke-free home and distracting you from your cravings by going to a smoke-free environment with you, such as the cinema.

Identify Your Smoking Triggers

A smoking trigger is anything that might prompt you to reach for a cigarette. Many people automatically reach for a cigarette after a meal or while they’re driving, for example. Other common triggers include being under stress and talking on the phone. Make a list of your smoking triggers and think of alternative actions you could take to overcome your cravings. For example, you could brush your teeth immediately after a meal instead of smoking.

Good Samaritan Hospital of San Jose is your partner in wellness . Our hospital provides compassionate care and extensive patient support. You can reach out to our Consult-A-Nurse line 24/7 at (408) 819-0558 or click through to our website to explore our service lines, including emergency care, cardiac care, and maternity services.

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