Rethinking Gynecological Surgery with da Vinci Surgical Technology

Gynecological surgery may be considered for women facing a wide range of health problems, including gynecological cancers, pelvic prolapse, and uterine fibroids. In the past, surgical procedures used to address these problems were performed with open surgical methods that left significant scars behind. Today, da Vinci Robotically Assisted Surgery offers a much less invasive solution that can create improved prognoses and allow women to have surgery with a shorter window of recovery. Here is a closer look at what da Vinci Surgery can offer to women in need of surgical gynecological care.


Smaller Surgical Incisions

In surgeries such as a hysterectomy, which involves the removal of the uterus, da Vinci technology is able to provide a minimally invasive approach with a single incision at the belly button. This means that women will no longer need to fear large abdominal scars when they need to have this common surgical procedure.

Fewer Complications

A smaller incision not only minimizes scarring, but it can also reduce the risk for infections and other surgical complications. Additionally, the minimally invasive approach facilitated by da Vinci Surgery shortens hospital stays and recovery times. Women may have a da Vinci procedure on Saturday and be back to work by Monday in some cases. Because surgery does have such a quick recovery with fewer risks, women may consider surgery for conditions such as uterine fibroids or endometriosis where previous surgical options may have had risks outweighing the potential benefits.

Improved Outcomes

While da Vinci Surgery utilizes robotic technologies, it is still completely controlled by a surgeon who can view the surgical site in real time through a 3D HD screen. The specialized instruments of the da Vinci System offer more control and stability than even the most skilled surgical hands, so physicians can perform surgeries with more predictable outcomes and improved results.

If your doctor has recommended gynecologic surgery for the conditions discussed here, contact the Silicon Valley Institute for Robotic Surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital. You can reach us on our website or at (408) 559-2011 to learn how we can improve your surgical care.

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