Signs That You Have a Nutritional Deficiency

junkfood on plate

Routines are easy to form and hard to change, especially when it comes to eating habits. Fast food and instant meals can keep you going for a long time, but a narrow diet usually doesn’t provide an adequate balance of nutrients. The fact that your body tries to compensate for dietary deficiencies can make it extremely difficult to notice any symptoms of malnutrition, but there are some physical signs that can provide useful clues.

Hair and nails are mostly made up of proteins, so a diet that is lacking in protein, fatty acids, and other nutrients will often cause brittle hair or shallow nail beds. Irritation around the mouth is also a common indicator of insufficient nutrients; cracking around the corners or an unusually pale or swollen tongue may indicate a deficiency in iron or B vitamins. Chronic diarrhea is a sign that your body is not properly absorbing nutrients, and it often occurs with periods of heavy drinking, infections, and certain digestive disorders.

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