Smart Ways to Lose Weight for a Healthier Heart

Obesity is a leading health problem for the whole nation, and it contributes to a number of conditions that cost the country millions of dollars in healthcare each year. Heart health is one of the major concerns of obesity , and the high risk of heart disease your weight may cause could help motivate you to shed those extra pounds. Here is a look at some sensible ways to get to a healthier weight for the sake of your heart.

Heart Care

Physician-supervised Diet

You should consider seeing a doctor before beginning any diet program, because your nutritional needs are unique. Consulting a physician will allow you to identify the best program for you and gain the insight necessary to avoid common diet slip-ups. While fad diets may seem like a tempting solution for weight loss, these should be avoided. Diet programs of this nature are generally lacking in nutritional value, and they can actually make your health worse.

Regular Exercise

Physical activity is an essential tool for weight loss, and there are two types of exercise that you will need for the best results. Aerobic exercises such as running or swimming will help you burn calories and increase your heart rate, and anaerobic activities such as weight lifting and yoga promote higher metabolism and muscle development that will burn fat while you are resting.

Weight Loss Surgery

If you are in the weight range of morbid obesity—which is indicated by a BMI of 40 or higher—you might be a candidate for weight loss surgery. Surgical procedures for weight loss will help to kick-start your efforts and keep you on track for a lifetime of healthier habits.

You can explore all of your weight loss options, including weight loss surgery, at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose. Our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line can guide you to the appropriate physician for your needs or allow you to speak with a nurse to get your weight loss questions answered. Call us today at (408) 559-2011 with your questions.

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