Teaching Your Child What to Do in Emergency Situations

Medical emergencies can happen at any time. To ensure that your family can approach any situation calmly and confidently, be sure to formulate a good plan of action. Doing so can help facilitate swifter and more effective emergency care when it is needed. Read on for some helpful tips for teaching your child how to react and what to do in an emergency situation.

Child Making Emergency Call

  • Ensure that Your Child Knows to Dial 9-1-1
    The first step in teaching your child about emergency preparedness is helping him or her learn what number to call in case of a crisis. As soon as he or she is old enough to use a telephone, teach your child to call 9-1-1 or your local emergency number if someone’s life appears to be in danger, even if your child is not completely sure. It is also important to explain the dangers of making prank calls to emergency numbers—phoning in as a prank can keep someone else from getting the care they desperately need.
  • Make Sure Your Child Knows What to Say
    Once he or she knows what number to call, explain to your child what to say when an emergency occurs. Make sure that he or she knows that it is a friend on the other line waiting to help, and that he or she should follow the dispatcher’s instructions. Have a safe place to store important information, such as medications, phone numbers, and addresses that your child may need to know in case of emergency.
  • Prepare the Day Care Provider or Babysitter
    Provide your daycare provider or babysitter with a list of phone numbers that he or she may need in case a medical emergency occurs when you are away. If your child has any chronic health conditions, his or her care provider should be informed.

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