Exercising During Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga

Exercising regularly during pregnancy provides a number of benefits, including controlling weight, increasing energy levels, improving mood, enhancing your overall quality of sleep, strengthening your abdominal and back muscles, and even preparing your body for the physical demands of labor. Despite these many benefits, you still need to use caution and be sure to choose the right type of exercise.

Recommended Exercises
It is crucial to stick with activities that put minimal stress on your joints , have a low risk of falling, and involve smooth movements. This can include exercises such as walking, swimming, riding a stationary bike, or using an elliptical machine.

Duration and Frequency
Studies show that exercising for 30 minutes a day most weekdays is all that is necessary in order to achieve the associated benefits of exercise and maintain your fitness while pregnant. You may consider completing your exercise activities in 10-minute time intervals several times during the day to break up the routine.

Activities to Limit or Avoid
It is important to remember that certain exercise activities can be dangerous during pregnancy, including activities that increase your risk of falling or sports with a high potential for physical contact. You also want to avoid exercising at high altitudes, resistance training with heavy weights, and participating in activities that involve lying flat on your back.

Combined with a balanced diet, staying physically fit throughout your pregnancy will help you and your baby stay healthy.

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